Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This Will Be In Helvetica.

     Simply putting the first post down on this blog may be the single most relieving thing for me to do right now.  Until I can dispatch the "no posts" on my page I'll continue to feel uneasy while viewing it.  So now that I have some down time and a good caffeine buzz, I figure let's go ahead and jump in.  Let it be magical.

     Yesterday was relatively pain free.  I arrived at the design building with a few minutes to spare.  With both back pack straps secure over both my shoulders (thanks for pointing that out Sam) I trooped in like every good kindergardener would on their first day of class.  Everybody played nice and the faculty seem as excited as I am anxious so I'm definitely in the right place.  So far the only speed bumps in the road have been running into people I know on the way to class.  I need another day or so in the week for "catching up".  Needless to say my calves are going to be ridiculous by the end of the year.

     Today I had the pleasure of going on a lovely treasure hunt for all my necessary books.  The art store which has given me great service and reasonable pricing in the past seems to have forgotten that upperclassmen also need their books.  Enjoy it while it lasts freshmen.
I ended up taking a short trip over to Barnes and Noble where they were able to find most of them and order the rest.  Now I just have to actually read them.  I also ordered the Adobe Font Folio Package today.  I wish that it could have been on the list of things to get, along with the new computer and software.

     Well there you have it, first blog post ever.  I think that I can start to live with myself when I look at this blog.  Slap a decent header on the thing and I'm good to go.  Now if you'll excuse me... I have to read.

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