Thursday, August 26, 2010

General Electric and the Illustrator Fun.


     I've been working on my first project for Color, Form, and Production and I think I have enough to start posting a few things.  The General Electric logo has been easy enough to duplicate using the pen tool, shape tool, and scissors tool.  I've had a lot of downtime with this method in the past.  I was able to break it down into its general parts and then put it back together and it looked pretty accurate.
     The next step, using the live trace, seemed to work the first few times I used it, and for the most part it was reasonably accurate itself... not as good as me might I say but decent.  The tip of the G was a bit pointy.  When I used flatten transparency I was able clean up the points a bit.  I'm not sure if that is the right manner for going about it, but it worked.  Going to save each of these became a bit frustrating because on one of my files it kept insisting that there was nothing on the page after the live trace... so I gave up and saved it as a different file.
     The last thing  I've been working on has been trying to figure out the perspective tool.  Due to the circular nature of the GE logo, using this feature is less than a perfect solution, but I haven't explored it entirely.  I ended up with something more of an object than a logo.  Once I experimented with the perspective I came up with an idea to give some connection between the logo and a potential GE product.  Maybe it's a washing machine or a dryer.  I was unable to effectively use the perspective tool to achieve some different planar variations, due to the distortion of the curves in the logo.  I was however able to use the marked vanishing point to create what depth I achieved.

     Hopefully I will have a few more variations tomorrow.  Now that I've worked with the perspective tool I will probably move on to other methods, unless I should have any further revelations on the matter .

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