Saturday, August 28, 2010

Refined Dots Have Principles.

     I've been working on a collaborative project for Visual Communication for almost twelve hours straight.  I haven't had more than a bag of cookies and a couple of bottles of soda today and I'm feeling it now.  The purpose of revisiting the dots from our previous project is to explore some basic design principles, with some added parameters.  One of those parameters was to create a number of our dots with found images.  Being able to allow for the image to partially define the words we are trying to depict, gives us allot of welcome breathing room.  Jumper (my collaborative partner) and I started working through our individual thumbnails to gather compositions.  Then once we had ninety-six compositions between us we went through and edited them down our final twelve.  Then we decided which ones had potential for image and which ones could stay as simple black dot compositions.  Honing the craft of cutting a perfect circle by hand was laborious and in many cases it was simply getting it as close as possible.  Magazine paper was not kind for this activity.

     After our collaborative compositions were complete we each went back and individually rework a previous composition that we felt had potential.  We were able to recreate the previous black dots and make a copy utilizing found images.  I'm reasonably happy with the outcome.

Principle: Framing

Principle: Repitition

Principle: Layer

Principle: Compound Shape

Principle: Compound Shape

Principle: Proximity

Principle: Proximity


  1. Good insight into the nature of your and Jumper's collaboration. Also sounds like you had good time management to finish the project over the weekend, and not the night before it was due. Just don't forget to eat.

    Moving forward on the project you might want to consider a circle cutter, for the sake of craft and expediency.

  2. I bought one to have for the book... and I'll pack a lunch next first friday.
    Thank you for the comment.