Wednesday, October 31, 2012



How can interactive design for the computer screen inform gamers about sustainability?

How can responsive app design inform political fact checkers about candidate identity?

How can design for an interactive experience inform developers about UX?

How can the president be informed through kinetic narrative in the form of environmental design?

How can environmental design inform the KCAI administrative faculty about departmental identity?

How can sculptors express narrative through kinetic projection?

How can interactive design within the environment assist a neighborhood?

How would information graphics on mobile apps affect zombie survivalists?

Can sound and motion graphics through mobile apps affect the concert goer’s experience?

How can game design on the computer screen supplement child activism?

Monday, October 29, 2012

Student iPad_Refined

Refined direction for Student iPad App.

Older renditions are posted to Eli's Blog.

Monday, October 22, 2012

MOTI - iPhone, iPad, HUB

Direction #1

- HUB - 

- iPad - 

Direction #2

- HUB - 

- iPad - 

Direction #3

- HUB - 

- iPad - 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sector3 Branding (moving forward)

Moving forward I will be focussing on the direction of Sector3. I will be creating a sound and motion narrative (commercial) that will showcase both product and company value. This should also showcase the different characterizations of the bass player that the company strives to provide for.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Design Systems Phase #2


My goal for this round was to establish a style direction for a "bass player's bass company". The objective for this brand, is to embody the bass sound, the bass player, and the long to not so long traditions of bass design. My key attributes are classic, solid, and personal. Ultimately my third direction is the one that I wish to move forward with. With it's sturdy type and heavily based brand marks, I believe it embodies the attribute of solid and classic in a way that those two attributes have historically shown up as staples for reliable bass equipment. What I believe it has over the others is a personal side, with different marks standing in for different types of bass players. Moving forward I may need to synthesize the energy and performing character of the first direction to allow for the attribute of personal to still apply to the more expressive bass player.

Monday, October 8, 2012

VA Discussion #8

Sustainable Business-
With such an emphasis put on having a talented team of both scientists and social science experts, to what degree of value or risk do we assume without having "scientific advisors"?

In what ways is can sustainable business be promoted or rewarded in the short term when so often the long term is more profitable yet less visible.

Cradle to Cradle-
When given the option between disbanding a product or service due to un-sustainability or negative side effect, when the absence of such a thing causes for worse effects, is it more ethical to discontinue with more negative effects, or to continue it with less negative effects.

Monday, October 1, 2012

VA Discussion, Oct 1st

Politics, Please.
Is is really possible to be apolitical when designing for sustainability and ethical design, when each side of in the political realm will have a side to take in your efforts?

Is there only one ethical code or solution to keep greed in check, if not, is it ethical to enact and regulate that system when others may not subscribe to that solution?

Are Humanitarian Designers Imperialists?
Is there something to be gained from working specifically within your most direct circle of knowledge and influence?

Would there be a larger network of smaller, more efficient systems?

Would there be trouble making these systems work together as a greater system of solutions?

Human Dignity & Human Rights
Is tailoring too specifically as apposed to broadly going to seclude too many other people?

Would this create a disliking of the tailored crowd by the non-tailored crowd?

Is narrow tailored design similar to helping a butterfly out of it's cocoon?