Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little "a".

     This will have to be the first installment on this project.  Tomorrow I will hopefully have something a little more comprehensive to post.  In this project we were told to do sketches of five different lower case a's.  Then after we sufficiently studied them we were to try and match them as accurately as possible to their printed counter parts.  The third part of the assignment was to attribute characteristics to each of the fonts.
     The sketching part I labored over for to long.  It will take me a while to loose my habit of trying to put to much detail into my sketches.  I could have definitely squeezed more studies into the time allotted.  What I did try to do was notice and mark what similar characteristics each "a" had within its own typeface.  Characteristics such as angles and weights of the line helped me be as accurate as I could in recreating them.
     When I gave these fonts characteristics I gave them ones that they seemed to be conveying to me personally.  I found them to be anything from clean and friendly to slow and even judgmental.  I seemed to give them characteristics different from those of others in the class.

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