Sunday, August 29, 2010

Futura Nn.

     The typeface futura I would describe as being sharp, clean, rhythmic, and even electric.  It suits me well as I have a natural affinity towards clean and geometric fonts.  Hopefully that doesn't reflect too much on my personality.

     Futura is a Geometric Sans typeface that was created in 1927.  It is characterized by having no serifs and sharp peaks on many of its capital letters.  These peaks extend beyond the terminals, base line, and cap height.  The characters have even weighted strokes and there is little to no thickness variation (stress) in curved characters.  Due to its geometric nature futura has a quick short movement that could be compared to a tap where as other fonts like bodoni portray more of a strum or bow.

Anatomical Features (Nn)-

  • Stroke
    • the line that defines the shape of the letterform
  • Stem
    • vertical and diagonal strokes that make up the letterform
  • Crotch
    • the interior space where two strokes meet
  • Terminal
    • the self-contained non-serif end to a stroke
  • Shoulder
    • the curved stroke that is not a bowl (n)

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