Sunday, August 29, 2010

GEneral Electric Cont.

     These are some of my top pics from my latest versions of the General Electric logo.  I've tried to experiment with the newer tools in Illustrator CS5 and even some of the old ones I never use.  I've found that many of the tools that are available are either not appropriate for this project or have functions that seem so rigid and elementary that I would never use them.
Someone please explain to me the benefits of the filter gallery when using this program.

But I digress...

  • used the pen tool to extend the G and E into the surrounding circle

  • used the grid tool and added weight to the lines to create a shutter
  • flatten Transparency and refilled to grey

  • added grey scale gradient
  • adjusted gradient direction and placement for each unit
  • singled out the "GE"
  • replaced circle background with a square
  • layer masked large "GE" and placed in corner
  • added small "GE"
  • used perspective on prior comp.
  • using the pen tool added what I believe in professional practice is called "pizzazz" 
  • took a segment of the "GE" using a layer mask
  • duplicated/rotated the segment
  • re-added the outer circle on top 
  • recreated the outer circle into a triangle using shape, scissors and pen tools
  • used perspective to create faux-3D objects and layered them 

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