Tuesday, November 29, 2011

INSIST. Final Documentation / Statement

INSIST. is an organization created to help people in the community understand that they have the right to insist on a receipt no matter where they spend their hard earned money. We believe that they should ask for their receipt to avoid the financial hardships that are possible without paper documentation of payment such as evictions, and duplicated payements. We have created the Receipt Keeper a portable storage device that contains an index file that will allow the owner to better manage their receipts on the go and also remind them to insist on their receipt. The Insist campaign is aimed at business as well as the customers. We believe that  businesses want to operate at a high level of professionalism and using Insist they can help do that by training their employees their importance of giving receipts to each and every customer. To advertise Insist we have created a logo that shows a receipt being torn off. The logo also forms the shape of an exclamation mark suggesting the importance of insisting on a receipt. The red and black colors represent regained financial security. Our bus ad will be shown on bus routes near partnering business informing them about the function of the receipt keeper, what comes with it and where they can pick it up. The pick up locations will be one of each of the three different types of pick up locations: Community Centers, Churches, and Community Banks. The box itself is an organizer containing an index and t-shirt. The T-Shirt is a special gift from the sponsor U.S. Bank. That people can wear with a sense of pride that will also spread the message. To reach the businesses we will be sending out a mailer that will appeal to the businesses sense of professionalism, teaching them the importance of keeping receipts. Inside the mailer will be a sticker that will be placed in the widow of the businesses to remind the customer to ask for a receipt  and remind the employee to remind the customer to get their receipt. 


If I had a bit more time I would do the following to improve and/or expand this project:

  • Consider and explore a Receipt Keeper Wallet option for men. Not that the box isn't or wasn't designed to be unisex but currently the box serves better in a purse or bag rather than a pocket. 
  • Attempt to make the current Receipt Keeper Box and possible Receipt Keeper Wallet out of a sturdier material like some kind of polymer or plastic. 
  • More customization options inside the Receipt Keeper Box to support other kinds of financial documents at the discretion of the owner. 

I'd say that firstly it was very nice having the experience of a "design for good" based project and to chase a problem down across a broader range of platforms/channels. Being able to experience the poverty simulation for this as well as a better understanding of the related social issues.

The other thing that I learned over the course of this project was the basics of communication theory. I can now, with some authority dissect a communication problem with the proper terminology. This is definitely helpful in better understanding a communication breakdown, which is obviously the base of every design problem. I also learned how to better manage a project of this nature across a particular time constraint. I don't feel as though we were particularly rushed durring the course of this project.

Receipt Keeper, T-Shirt, Letter, Stickers, Bus Ad.

Insist Presentation 2 The Problem:

People within the community are failing to insist on their receipts
Due to lack of education, apathy, or pride
This is resulting in unnecessary consequences to those who may be already financially unstable
Evictions, Property repossessions, Double payments

The Solution: 

Insist is an organization who wants to:

Empower the public to insist on their receipt
Give them an container in which to keep and organize their receipts
Insist on a higher level of mutual respect and professionalism between the customer and the employee


Our logo represents a receipt being torn off.
The logo takes the form of an exclamation mark suggesting the importance of insisting on receipts.
The colors, from red to black, implies regained financial security.


The financially unstable and the business owners/employees
Insist targets each party with a universal message of the importance of receipts 
as well as a more tailored message to both the customer and the employee.

Bus Advertisement:
The bus advertisement will be displayed on the buses with routes near partnering businesses.
The ad will inform the viewer of the importance of insisting on a receipt.
It will also tell them about the function of the Receipt Keeper, what comes with it, and where to pick it up.
The ad will also reflect the three different community locations closest to that particular bus route for ease of picking up.


The Receipt Keeper will be available for pick up at locations in the neighborhood:
Locations like:

Community Centers, Churches, Community Banks.
These are locations we believe to be easily accessible by bus, bike, or foot.

Receipt Keeper:

The receipt keeper is an organizer with an index for three different receipt categories that people can name themselves
The box includes information about the importance of keeping and organizing receipts on the inside


As a special gift from the sponsor U.S. Bank the receipt keeper comes with a free shirt.
Having this shirt to wear can give people a sense of pride and empowerment in asking for their receipts, as well as spread the message to others


Inform the the business of the importance of keeping receipts
Appeal to their sense of professionalism
Be polite in reminding the customers


Placed in the window of the business
Reminds the customer to ask for their receipt
Reminds the employee to remind the customer to get their receipt

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Narrative Project Goals

For my proposed narrative project I would like to tackle the question of how to reveal new info using 3D space by giving a 3D tutorial on how to use 3D space in After Effects. This would both show the possibilities of the tool in a visually pleasing way as well as give a step by step narration on the process of basic set up and how to use the camera functions. Things to be explained would be the use of the different axis points as well as keyframes needed and angling tools. The elements in the video should be visually consistent with those in After Effects.

History of Motion Graphics!

So in response to the history of motion graphics video I can say I'd never have defined motion graphics as they did until now. The idea that the main line between motion graphics and film is whether or not a character is able to express themselves, had never occurred to me. The other thing that really struck me was the revelation of why I love motion graphics so much, or at least a sign as to why I should pursue them more. In watching this video and its reel of all of the more current animation pieces, a reoccurring thought came to me. Why did I not make that? More than any other thing I always try to analyze how motion graphic pieces are done. Probably a sign.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Logo Build

My logo build is for the organization For the Silent. Over five seconds the build expands upon the idea of the cage and the bird being released as a representation for the freeing of those enslaved in sex trafficking. The rotoscoped bird goes from footage to vector using a reverse choke effect into a unexpanded mask path. The composition is then set back to frame one with the wipe of the larger bird footage, making the video loopable. This is probably the shortest amount of time I've had to ever loop anything so it was definitely a good challenge for me to do that and not lose the narrative. Also I learned how to use the roto brush tool, allowing me to create the bird flying out of the cage.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sketches, They are not Prototypes.

In the reading on sketches by Bill Buxton, he explanes the differences between sketches and prototypes. Sketches are made to elaborate on concept and not solutions. The prototype is a final proposal for a solution to a problem while the sketch is meant to explore concepts and not options.


Our campaign/organization, INSIST. consist of a system of four components. A box for the user to put receipts into with information on the inside slip describing the importance of insisting on and keeping receipts. A vacuum-packed t-shirt with a graphic portraying the complicated and stressful nature of receipt management (the t-shirt will be placed in the receipt box). A bus ad would advertise the main message and the route specific pickup locations for the receipt box. A mailer would go out to the businesses giving them information on the importance of giving receipts and assuming professionalism in doing so. The mailer would include stickers to place at the place of purchase and in the store window, reminding people to give/ask for their receipts.