Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Degree Project [update]

So after a very successful meeting with my friend/mentor Ryan Skjervem, who is very passionate and involved with orphan care in southern sudan, I now have the information necessary to create some very strong scenarios. We discussed the elements that set the orphan care model there apart from other common models. He gave me a run through of the general processes that are required for building an orphan care campus in southern sudan. This included everything from the necessary interaction/arrangements with the local tribes and government, to the buildings that would need to be erected in order to accept orphans and local children into the care and schooling. I have this list, along with a few potential achievements/goals that the user can strive to achieve or be rewarded at random.
We also discussed the method of funding for the game. We both decided against the model of public gameplay. Problems with decision making among multiple users seemed ill-advised. But the idea of the system working off of purchases made at partnering businesses seems solid. The user would make purchases at a business, the app would detect that they were there and the appropriate amount would be added in in-game cash. The cash would then be used to progress through the above building scenario. Donations could also be taken from friends or given directly to HRTN whom I'm basing this model on.

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