Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Degree Project [week3]

So after my feedback from my presentation, I've run into some stumbling blocks when it comes to the language that I'm using. So I'd like to move forward with the following in mind and on record. THIS IS A GAME. A CHARITABLE, INFORMATIVE, SOCIALLY INTERACTIVE GAME. 

Now that I've got that off my chest let me address some other issues that I've received kickback on. It has become apparent to me that with the language I've used so far has lead people to believe that what I'll be making will be a game in which the user has direct influence on specific real life children.

This will not be the case. Given the sensitivity to the subject, there must never be negative consequences in the game. While lack of participation will obviously hinder progression. The orphanage and the decisions made within are all virtual, while still being REPRESENTATIVE of a real life orphanage. This way the user remains educated (and with knowledge comes the ability to act) without feeling as though they have they're thumb on the pulse of an actual child. The influence that the user will feel on the real world must remain positive and come from a joyful outlook. With that all being said, my focus for right now will be to create some very in depth scenarios that I can push back against. This will define for myself once and for all how this system will work, so that I can move forward with the function, form, and fine tuning. Once I derive scenarios I will move quickly into sketch and wireframing stage.

My schedule has changed little, with the exception of a hope of completing in time to make a promotional video for the game.

Have audience research as done as possible.
Have the scope of problem defined with what I want my audience to learn established.
Have solutions and potential artifacts defined.
Have context (platform,location)
Begin creating detailed scenarios

Begin wire-framing
Collecting visual landscape
Have first round wire-framing done

Check wireframes against peers and research as well as contacts.
Refine wire-frames.
Begin skinning wires.

Should have 1/2 to 3/4 of comps completed and ready for midterm.

Refine-begin producing video

Week8-focus on video

Have all content in video/render ready
Be wrapping up and collecting assets for presentation.
Begin collecting  for poster

Be done.
Presentation Phase.
Show ready by week 12 preferably.

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