Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Week 2 [research/solutions]

The people I want to reach out to are loosely, those in their 30-40s, college educated, and work full time jobs.
I would like to take them from a place of knowing at least a small sum about child advocacy and orphanages, to a place where they are knowledgeable and ready to act/advocate within their influence.

What I want them to know and project is, what are the basic needs within an orphanage, how can someone get involved, how will their involvement be affecting the lives of individual children and the orphanage itself.

In what places will people most effectively encounter the information/experience?
What do they need to learn to act?
In what way can they act that will keep them involved and engaged in the issue?

The context-

I want to move the experience out of the private eye and into the public arena.
Places that people often encounter or will encounter as well as spend money at.
If those that make up my audience are already in the position to spend money perhaps the transition between going from knowing to acting will be a smooth one. This could either be out of proximity to the experience or through integration into the retail purchase process.

The system should inform, promote expansion, and show a difference being made.

Here is my tentatively solid schedule for the next 3 weeks.

Have audience research as done as possible.
Have the scope of problem defined with what I want my audience to learn established.
Have solutions and potential artifacts defined.
Have context (platform,location)

Begin wire-framing
Collecting visual landscape
Have first round wire-framing done

Check wireframes against peers and research as well as contacts.
Refine wire-frames.
Begin skinning wires.

Should have 1/2 to 3/4 of comps completed and ready for midterm.



Be wrapping up and collecting assets for presentation.

Be done.
Presentation Phase.
Show ready by week 12 preferably.

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