Sunday, February 3, 2013

Early Spatial Experience Concept

The kcai website says, "do things your way," and "you travel off the beaten path." for our concept, we tried to work with this idea of finding your way, as well as highlighting the diversity that kcai prizes. 

Firstly, here is a location plan of where we determined a need for wayfinding/boundary-setting, with several levels of hierarchy and purpose.

As for the visual concept itself, we're envisioning a system of colorful and angled shapes that guide visitors to their destinations while referencing the outline of the core graphic element. Each destination would have its own color designation, and these shapes would emerge from the ground or from architecture along the path to confirm that you're on the right track. An interesting visual complexity will emerge along main through-ways where, like downtown highways, several paths use the same route. In these places, there should be an interplay between the colors, so that it's easy to tell when your path either joins with or separates from others.

Moments of crossroads, such as entrances, should clearly elucidate each color and in what direction you should start walking to follow its path. We imagine these navigational guides to be harmonious with the traveling shapes, whether they take the form of the traveling shapes emerging, labeled, from the ground, or if they look more like a signpost with smaller color-coded elements to represent them.

Materials we've imagined so far for these elements include clear colored plexiglass, opaque colored plastic, or painted metal.


  1. this spacial is actually spelled spatial buddy...don't you forget it either.