Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Layers and Transparency.

     As much as I love to work digitally, it is very interesting to take a step back to see that the way we are composing our books is not so far off base from earlier analog design methods.  Creating, finding, cutting, pasting, and overlapping are all useful and ageless, viable techniques that have been the forces of creative design process far before the introduction of digital methods.  The layering process can give you information about physical, spacial, and abstract relations.  Transparency often goes hand in hand with layering and can often accomplish the same things, but it can also affect the clarity of an image.  It can cause the imagery to be more direct or less obvious.

     I feel that the interplay of image and type in my book could help to strengthen the communication of the topic and individual words.  In the end there will be a tag team combination between the dot compositions who's actions elude to and support the typed word, and there will also be a similar relationship thanks to the typographical metaphors which do their part to convey the meaning and the topic.  In the way of aesthetics, the flow of communications should benefit, and the pages them selves will probably look much sharper where necessary and more complex where some tasteful confusion will aid my theme.
It is hard to think about the serendipity at this point, because I keep thinking a little to far ahead, and it actually gets a little stressful.  However, I can see where certain compositions will have potential to blend together and look very nice... exiting!

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