Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Field of Tension.

     The reading from type and image was a little hard for me to follow for some reason.  I don't know if it's the particular language used to describe the function of elements that create tension in a design was a little fast for me, or if I'm just tired and distracted.  I think it's both.
either way from what I gathered Meggs is trying to describe the way in which elements in a design can push and pull the viewers eyes through the composition.  Using weight you can pull the eye in the direction of a heavier object or to the space around a smaller one.  Lines of image and text can direct you across a page or carry you out of the frame, and the angle, size, style, and placement of the text can reflect on their meaning and respond to the surrounding imagery.  Certain colors that attract attention in a composition can also read as a roadmap for the viewer to follow.  While being conscious of these decisions can give you a well laid composition, I feel that it is easy to get carried away with unnecessary information.

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