Monday, September 27, 2010

Helvetica (Oh Yeah).

     So Helvetica... best font ever.  I know that this is just my subjective opinion (even if its right) but it is really such a versatile typeface.  Helvetica took me out of a dark place full of grunge fonts and stencil fonts and grunge stencil fonts.
     Watching the documentary Helvetica really just reinforces why I enjoy it so much.  I love the way it takes you through the modern visual landscape of todays cities and how it permeates so many aspects of our culture.  The fact that they point out is for however widespread its use is because we see it everyday it becomes installed in our brains as this normal functioning thing.  This is what makes it such an automatically accepted universal font.  
     The other part of the documentary that I enjoyed was seeing the people, who do not like the font or fervently hate it, try and justify there reasons.  I suppose most particularly expressive designers feel the same way, but seeing people attribute it to big business, "right wing propaganda", and conformity drives me up the wall.  At that point lets face it, it's not Helvetica thats the problem is it?

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