Friday, September 17, 2010

Functioning Process.

     To start making the compositions for my nine typographical metaphors, I began with doing a few large thumbnail sketches for each.  These sketches were mostly to inform the intuitive process and placement of the letters into the 6x9 frame.  I did not follow these sketches to the letter (type pun).  For one, since I did not use the font Grotesque MT in my hand drafted thumbnails (I'm not a machine) there was a change in the translation of the typeface that did not allow for exact replication.  The other factor that influenced the change in composition was the fact that we were to print out large (wasteful in my opinion) amounts of each word in variable sizes in order to have the right size that we needed.  Even if this was to keep the creation of the composition in analog, I feel I spent way too much money printing to justify this exact method.

     As it turns out many of my words were rather difficult to conceptualize for.  I often found that the obvious was my best option despite the negative stigma behind  it.  On most of my compositions I focused on keeping the flow clean and simple.  I believe that it fits the sort of mechanical, medical theme of the page structure and material of my book.  It will hopefully counterbalance the more organic dot compositions in visual communications.

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