Sunday, September 19, 2010

Layer Tennis!

     So many of you may already know about this but it was just brought to my attention by a friend of mine.  So apparently there is this totally awesome thing called layer tennis thats put on by Adobe and Coudal.  Its basically a competition where two designers (graphic artists, animators, photographers, film makers) get together and send their designs back and forth.  It starts off with one design composition, animation, etc, which is then passed to the next artist (a volley) who then has 15 min. to come up with a response to send back.  Each person has the previous person's full layered file.
     This competition goes for about five rounds.  Not only is the objective to create the better compositions, but often also to take friendly jabs at the opposing designer.  At the end people can vote on twitter for who they think won.  So there it is, looks pretty interesting to me.  I think it would be fun to try sometime.

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