Saturday, March 9, 2013

Degree Project Update

Moving into skinning my wireframes, I'm taking some things into consideration. One, that added perspective makes for a more interesting playing field. Two, that there needs to be careful consideration when it comes to the placement of the donation options. The news feed and the kid bios screens need to be something altogether separate from the donations screen in order to maintain the divide between the joyful outlook on real world changes and testimonials, education in knowing the processes and considerations that go into running an orphanage, and the ability to donate to the cause. The latter should be made more natural by the prior two. Other future considerations will include potentially moving to a horizontal orientation to allow for a wider landscape to view, and making a push for greater color contrast. The wheel navigation may also take a backseat when the game starts to introduce it as a mode of interaction. This could clear up how the user should interact with it.

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