Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Degree Project Update

So since my last update, I've made some considerable changes. I'm revising the interface by simplifying it down to 3 main buttons and some basic in game status indicators in the bottom of the HUD. There will be the amount of money indicated as well as a "joy meter" that shows the general happiness level of the campus. This will be a multiplier applied to bonus in game cash awarded for longer play time each day.

The buttons will be the social and real world application such as donation, news, and bios, there will also be a button to access the building/upgrade menu. The trash button is for getting rid of unwanted elements on the grid.

The interaction between the menu and the campus field will be simple. Tap on an item you want, the menu will disappear allowing you to tap on the area on the grid where you'd like to place the item.

Tapping on an item once it's on the grid gives you basic info about that specific thing. You can then tap away or tap the trash icon to get rid of it. There will be no confirmation messages given to these actions as I feel it will make people consider their choices more.

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