Monday, March 11, 2013


Update on our Dieter Rams exhibit. We've officially nailed down our modes of interaction for the screen based AR experiences revolving around our first floor exhibit wall. The experience will run the length of the wall in the first gallery space and will contain extruded forms that show everyday products that coincide with Rams products.  About 7-8 feet away from the wall, there will be installed tablets/screens where the viewer can interact with the product in virtual space. There will be 3 modes of interaction. The first is a schematic view of the product's outer design. This will be a moment in which the viewer can observe anti-dieter moments such as excess/busy functionality and form. The second mode will allow the viewer to pick the product apart and reshape it into a cleaner and unobtrusive design. This mode might include principles to consider whilst manipulating the form. The final mode will be a side by side comparison of the original product, the edited product, and the coinciding Rams product.

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