Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Personas (Francophile)


“I felt as though I’ve been there before and the people treated me like a life long friend. There was a strange familiarity in the sights and sounds, I must have been French in a former life.”
  • Age 57
  • Art History Professor
  • Actively travels to France and resides there part time
  • Leads a local Francophile meet up group
  • Has dual citizenship

Norm is what we call a Francofiend. He frequents France, speaks French fluently, and even raises a French flag on Bastille day. He knows where to travel while in France without the assistance of a guide, and knows where to find the finest French cuisine. He plans classes in France over the summer and returns to teach in America. In his spare time he enjoys travel, cooking, photography, reading outdoors, and attending art exhibits. He often finds himself thinking and even dreaming in French. He keeps up with French news, and knows about several media platforms to do so (primarily web and applications). He identifies with France’s leisurely and slower pace of life. He is renovating a house in the south of France where he plans to retire and fully integrate with French society.

“Language is a living thing. If you don’t use it you lose it.”
  • Age 32
  • Stay at home parent
  • Member of a local Francophile meet group
Michelle is married with a three year old daughter and a six year old son. Her initial interest in France began while studying French in high school and traveling abroad. After college, she spent time with the Peace Corps in French speaking Rwanda.  Since then she has lived in the U.S. and has not exercised her fluency as much as she’d like to, which is her main motivator for networking with other francophiles. She sends her daughter to French immersion school, in hopes that she will receive a well rounded education as well as an early appreciation of the French culture. She enjoys taking her daughter to operas, museums, and galleries. She speaks French predominately at home with her daughter, and only in simple phrases. Being a stay at home parent keeps her very busy, and she is content with living in America.

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