Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Francophile

A francophile is a person who adores all things related to french culture. These areas of love might include its cuisine, history, leisure time, sophistication, and fashion to name a few. One value paramount to this subculture is a love for language, which fuels a passion for travel, conversation, personal interaction, and open mindedness. They tend to be outgoing individuals with a hunger for socializing. They are boisterous and gestural, and often incredibly polite people with impeccable social etiquette. They have a tendency towards immersion into french culture and a knack continued learning which manifests itself through reading and socializing. Francophiles typically spark their obsession in high school and continue to further develop their admiration well into elder years.

Most of all, the major need for francophiles is networking, since socializing and the most effective continuous use of the french language is done through personal interaction with fellow francophiles. They will often establish meetup groups for this very purpose. Networked activities will often include celebrations of french holidays, crepe parties, visits to art venues, and leisurely activities such as coffee and conversation at local cafes. Primarily the internet is used as a channel for networking francophiles, but since they tend to be charismatic people, word of mouth often plays a role as well.

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