Thursday, February 2, 2012


Here are my proposals for typographic experiments-

This is How I See the World- (collaboration w/ eli)
The Question: How does a person’s particular near or farsightedness affect the typographic form at different distances?
Proposal: Gathering a group of people and placing type at a number of set distances. Having each person identify the affect of “poor vision” on the type at each distance, by adjusting the focus on a camera. We would then identify the amount of blur for each vision variant and match the results in photoshop to produce similar affects on other typography and imagery. The result could be represented as a poster and collected information could be organized into info-graphic material. Also an animated reconstruction of each subjects experience with the type.
How Much is Lost-
The Question- How much of any given typographic form be taken way before it becomes unrecognizable?
Proposal: Conducting a study of how typographic form can be subtracted form and still be recognizable. Giving a group of people a set of type and asking that they take out elements of the type till they can’t recognize the form anymore. Then collecting the type to examine the consistencies and inconsistencies between them. The result would be a set of type that is, on average, as reductive as it can be.
Finding My Way Home-
The Question- If you could draw on a map the route you take to get home, wherever you live, would there be any typographic form within the line of that route?
Proposal: Having as many people as possible draw out on a map, their route that they would drive home. Then taking a look back at that map I would try to discern whether or not any typographic form could be found. Each person would then have a specific letter form or forms that represented them.

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