Monday, January 30, 2012

Web in 2011 (response)

You've Come A Long Way Baby-
I very much agree with and love the statement made in this section. Seeing that new technology has made it possible to truly "web design". By integrating those new technologies into our design thinking we can see how the web becomes something far more than the physical page. While still carrying the same  information it can be structurally different.

It's All About The Users-
In this statement it talks about the importance for graceful transitions for the user within the ever changing web landscape. Having a site that adapts to the user instead of forcing the user to adapt to the site.

Respecting Complexity-
Just from starting the analysis of the website I'm working with, I can see that no matter how simple I would want to make it there is an underlying complexity within how a site functions that must be respected. Otherwise it becomes something that either doesn't allow for the complexity of the information needing to be displayed and it becomes uninteresting because of it.

Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts-
It is good to note that web design, as well as any design, is by no means about any one thing but a whole system of framing and planning.

Talkin' Bout My Inspiration-
I like this statement here because I don't think anyone should design alone. Its never good to get your design too wrapped up in your own head since it will ultimately not be for yourself.

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