Thursday, October 28, 2010

     My overall concept for these posters was to show the vacant nature of some of downtown by highlighting both the upper and lower parts of the area.  For both the skyline and the ground level I took the original image and broke it up, setting it against the area that is not represented to accentuate that vacancy.  In the first I juxtapose the progressive line study and the progressive nature of the building as it curves back into space.  I then progressively bring the lines down. The negative space leads from the upper section of the city to segue into the second poster.  The second poster is focused on the lower part of the city leaving the higher parts open.  I used the progressive manipulated line study to accentuate the movement of the stairs and also hold the upper area of the composition.
     My process included allot of reworking between the concept and formal exploration and decisions.  Using the different methods of line manipulation did allow for a greater palette from which to draw information from.  The use of analogue manipulation/sketches for the first drafts of these posters was helpful for direction but I found that moving into digital after that allowed for faster editing that for the most part allowed me to keep moving.

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