Thursday, October 7, 2010

Do'n A Little Business On The Side...

     So the other day I got a last minute commission for some album artwork for a Christmas single.  I know that, looking back at it now, there would definitely be some things I would have done differently given more time, and that I shouldn't accept projects that require a twenty-four hour turn around.  This time though I thought I'd make an exception.  I threw some things together that I had in studio, and even used the photo room for the first time since I've been here.  When I went into Photoshop I tried to employ some of the principles I've learned in class with the type.  I tried to slightly imply a typographical metaphor with the title.  I couldn't be too abstract with it otherwise it wouldn't flow with the pre-existing album artwork.  In the end I was up till five in the morning before I considered it "first mock up" close.  On wednesday there were a few minor edits I had to do before I sent it off.

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