Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lines Lines Lines...

     All of the elements we have dealt with have been linear elements.  However it is very easy to see these new compositions as having black lines on a white background (for me at least).  By definition (as a path) however I have to look at the bigger picture.  Everything in these compositions are lines, from the black or white lines to where they touch and the spaces in between.
     These linear elements work together to create shapes, curves, and even the illusion of dimension and perspective.  Closed or heavy weighted lines make a plane, and planes joined together with added perspective (with or without a vanishing point) can give you three-dimensional elements.  We have been using pre-existing dimension and perspective to form our lines.
     The linear elements together can work to create a grid for placing and organizing other graphic elements such as image and text in order to give them added perspective similar to the lines themselves.  Once these elements are aligned to this skeleton they become/create linear elements themselves.  I'm guessing that this aspect of lines will play heavily in the next part of the assignment.

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