Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ode to User Experience

After taking the time to think about how User Experience has affected me now and how it will effect me in the future, I have come up with two things. One, is that without user testing us designers are effectively blind when it comes to creating anything tailored for any audience. When the message isn't tailored we can't communicate efficiently. When we can't do that we aren't solving any problems, and thats what we do as designers. Two, it is because of this that both semesters of senior year should go much more smoothly than previous years. I can see already that without user testing, the idea/s that I have in mind for my senior degree project will not be at all possible. Involving a field I know little about I will have to rely on the methods we learned for the extraction of information, in order to know if my concept is being delivered appropriately and efficiently.

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