Wednesday, May 9, 2012

ADAA Submission

A collaborative project between Ivan Alonso and Myself. This is an interactive timeline piece, to be utilized at a touch screen kiosk at Union Station in Kansas City. Our focus was on the 1960's history of Union Station and the surrounding Kansas City Area. The look and functionality of the interface is prototyped to be experienced on the Z axis. While we focused on specifically the 1960's we include the indication of similar functionality on the other decades as well.
Our objectives for this project were to create a believable and well delivered interactive timeline for Kansas City's Union Station's 100 year celebration. Our focus was the events of the 1960's and how they pertained to the station. Each aspect of the timeline was supposed to both function on linear and non-linear narratives. The non-linear being the path the viewer can take through the timeline, and how they interact with it. The linear being the content that the viewer can access through using the timeline. This would require extensive research into the subject matter as well as a combination of both wire framing and storyboarding. 
We worked in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects. The components for the interface were designed in Illustrator and vectors as well as rasters we edited in photoshop to apply the necessary affects to style our imagery. Once our components were compiled we would use After Effects to animate the timeline in use. We used a combination of both the camera tool as well as 3D object transformation options to make our z axis timeline come to life.

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