Friday, August 24, 2012


The history of Technology in Education.
This video represents less of a current shift in education and technology, and more of an evolution of such things over a very long period of time. For most of the video there is an emphasis on the change in technology with less of a change in the education itself. Formats of learning were determined and limited by the technology of each period. The problem is when the technology moves on to include other modes of learning, such as auditory and early video. While these begin to open up new opportunities for some people, the style of teaching remains the same and does not utilize them.

The readings on the different theories of learning styles make a clear call for the need of new teaching inovations. And with the technological advances tapping into the way we exist in our own worlds and intake/retain information in new ways, it's foolish for us to not utilize them in the best way possible so as to unlock everyone's potential.

I'm told by the nifty test we all took, that I'm a type three learner. Upon further meditation on the list of attributes I can agree with this assessment. Though I did do it wrong the first time and thought I was a type 3 for a while.

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