Sunday, September 18, 2011

A White Hunter is Nearly a Narrative.

Here are my typographical, temporal solutions to two selections from Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons. The base concept for my compositions is that I am trying to draw out imagery through typographic  hierarchy. These animated narratives are derived from that idea that with the fragmented nature of the poems still intact, the mind can still make order out of the chaos with only minimal direction. With the white hunter being nearly crazy at the end of my collection, and the way in which the members of that collection interact through the pages of my book I decided to have one video affect the other. The first video foreshadows the other, in the way the text begins to overlap, while the second video deals with the overlaying of text after of a whole collection of text/imagery before it.


  1. I can easily grasp a picture and story with A White Hunter. The eye at the beginning and the dive into the negative space of the "h" draw up connotations of an inner state of mind of some character.
    The flashing of the final line "is nearly crazy" also reinforces this inner state of mind.

    I understood the foreshadowing that was attempted between the two poems but I feel like there is a disconnect between the two because they are two different videos. I don't think that I would have ever considered this simply because the videos are separate. The way red roses is rendered I can understand the intentional foreshadowing but the separation of the poems leads me away from making the assumption myself.

  2. Initially an eerie feeling is conveyed by the music. Sort of sets it up for the reveal of the white hunter. I can see where you are coming from with the foreshadowing. But like david stated, I think the connection is a bit harder to catch on too because of the separate files. I dont necessarily think its an issue. Who says subtlety is bad? Personally I think the beginning of the second video is the most engaging and dynamic. The background text functioning at the same time as the foreground text is a nice conceptual touch. They Formally look very refined as well, mr. after effects.