Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pushing Products

Luden's Drops (Pathos)
I felt that the packaging for the cough drops, with its lemon and honey and simple description, was very soothing. The way it is illustrated also enforces that. The consumer does have to flip the package around in order to get to more of the factual information. The sides only repeat the main label and on of the sides even has nothing on it. The tag line "Uniquely Good" on its old-timey banner gives it an air of natural authenticity amongst others. The audience should obviously be anyone who has a sore throat in need of soothing.

Audit: Remembered the honey drop and the fact that it was menthol. Pointed out the red stripe and didn't like the the plastic, wanting to get past the plastic to be able to feel the paper. Oral anesthetic was recalled before the tag "soothes everyday throat irritation".

Lidia's Marinara (Ethos)
I chose Lidia's simply because Lidia Bastianich is a renowned Italian chef and food critique, and a staple for great Italian food. The packaging seems to have a simple and seemingly authentic Italian feel to it with its repeating gold frame on a red background. You associate the message of "All Natural, Made With Fresh Ingredients" with the fact that this product is produced and backed with the approval of Lidia herself. The packaging, upon turning the jar, yields more information on who Lidia is and the breakdown of just how natural it is.

Audit: Did not like the way that Lydia was portrayed/printed. Felt she looked possessed or devil like. The contrast between her and the background was disturbing. The rectangle geometric shapes felt like going down a staircase. Visually the sound of the sauce moving could be heard. The name didn't strike him as Italian. Red.

Famous Blaster Small Engine Tune Up (Logos)
This thing is just screaming at you, and in more ways than one. The packaging is bright yellow and does catch your eye on the shelf with all of its descriptions, but in more of a "what the **** was that" sort of way. Its actually quite a battle in trying to figure out just what it is due to the fact that there is plenty of hierarchy but none that's actually helpful. Regardless of this the packaging is completely informational, and some of it is redundantly so.

Audit: Found reading the text in different voices and tones came naturally. Very confusing and excessive. Infomercial like. Liked the color. Text on the side was redundant. How it tells you how to use it but not where to point it was funny.

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