Monday, September 12, 2011


This project is the third annual junior designing of the Folly Jazz Series posters. My artist for which I am deigning is the Grace Kelly Quintet, and also a special guest artist Phil Woods. The concept must be driven by a rhetorical trope (in my case it is antithesis), and it must appeal to a broad range of ages. The antithesis is describing her sound as a thing that is warm, effecting a cold environment. The direction I chose is that of a saxophone, which is indexical of her playing, that is warming a cold snowy area, producing green/spring grass around it. The image will either be photo manipulation, vector, or a mix of the two. This direction is likely more original than my other concepts which, while nice, have been done before. I would like to keep the style youthful and fresh since Grace Kelly is very young for her playing ability. I'm not worried about Phil Woods being misrepresented as anyone of an older caliber of musician would appreciate being associated with a younger crowd.

The metaphorical representation of her warm sultry sound feels dated and is not as original as my antithetical representation.

This last one will be the one I pursue further.

Folly Crit Checklist
Have you connected with the audience?
Yes, but it connects to two different audiences. (young adults/adults)

Is the message clear?
There are moments where the stylistic choices get in the way of clarity. (smooth flowing graphics are better)

Is it visible from a distance?
The darker compositions have more clarity from a distance, while the snowy compositions are muddy.

What is the visual entry point?
The grass is the entry point in the snow compositions. The red sax and the body form are the entry points of the two smokey compositions.

What is the second element you want to see?
Sax in the snow and in the darker compositions.

Do the visual codes connect to and represent the subject?
Conceptually they do. Still working on the formal side of it.

Are there any emotional cues?
The warming in the cold environment gives a warm feeling.

What makes it memorable?
The contrast in color. Original concept.

Are there any distractions?
The banner could be distracting.

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