Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Week One [research&solutions]

Social gaming plays at our basic desire to exist and interact in groups on top of the level of fulfillment we enjoy when supplied with small yet steady rewards. But what if this level of virtual and social interaction could take small, steady, virtual rewards and turn them into large real world differences?

When dealing with the issue of orphans in regards to advocacy, apathy, and funding, the realm of social interactive gaming hits on all of them. This is not to say that gaming is the solution, but the level of interaction, and in some cases addiction, can act as a  gateway to bigger and better things. But games come and go, while the interaction and desire for reward, virtual or otherwise, remains. So the problem is making a lateral and then upward move out of the gaming realm, which is often limited in both platform and social span. This could mean taking the interaction and moving it across multiple platforms and/or moving it further into the public sector.

-Possible solutions-

-Automatic charitable account withdrawal
-business participation (charity matching)
-public social interaction and rewards/goals
-no consequences
-observable real world rewards
-cross platform engagement


A well designed interactive/educational/goal&achievement based/socially connected simulator. The control of the experience would be based on a range of individual to public inputs.

-Where the solution should meet the needs-

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. – James 1:27


-provision for education (secondary/university)

$15,000 for University (one needed)
$7,000 for pharmaceutical school (one needed)
$6,000 for University (one needed)
$1,500 for technical training school (one needed)
$500 for Secondary School (20 needed)

$ 19 feeds on orphan for one month
$ 108 provides education for one child for 2 months
$ 228 feeds an orphan for a year
$ 360 sponsors one orphan for one year
$ 652 provides education for one child for a year
$ 1,080 sponsors 3 orphans for a year
$ 2,520 sponsors 7 orphans for a year
$ 5,216 provides education for 8 children annually
Women and children care facility
Special gifts


-personal “build a virtual orphanage/sponsor an orphanage irl”
-faced with real issues and obstacles (influx, fundraising, need of facilities,  medical care, education, etc.)
-personal desktop, mobile

-public “adopt a virtual orphanage/sponsor an orphanage irl”
-faced with real issues and obstacles (influx, fundraising, need of facilities,  medical care, education, etc.)
-working together as a community of social media consumers and businesses to  maintain and upgrade their orphanage.
-overall control of interaction dependent on individual and team decisions within  the community.
-personal desktop, mobile, large format touchscreen (public arena)

“what draws people to social games is their ability to take something complex and present it in a simpler, easier to understand way.” -Bill Jackson -Creative Director/Zynga Dallas


Primary- Women, 30-40, 50-74K, College Educated, Full Time Job, single or married with children

Secondary- Men, Same statistics as above

“Once you know how all the pieces work you can play forever. That's really to me the holy grail and it's what you should be going after. -Bill Jackson

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