Tuesday, November 27, 2012

[Armstrong] Phase4

Sector3 P4

As a bass guitar player the one thing that you try to achieve is to stay in the pocket. The pocket is that magical wonderful realm where everything syncs up the rhythm is solid and everyone can feel it in their chests and their souls. For the role of the musician, this means everything coming together for a tight performance. For the individual achieving this pocket can be a very specific experience. So why wouldn't you put yourself into the most nurturing environment possible to naturally set yourself up to be in the pocket?

Well, at Sector3 we intend to embody that distinction through our product and our style. We all know what it feels like to get into the groove, and we strive to create the perfect environment to help you get into the pocket. Our intent is to reconcile the tradition of, in the pocket rhythm, with personality and needs of the individual, we will provide our musicians with a superior look and sound that matches their pocket personality. Not only is Sector3 personal in this way, but it is also classic and solid. Our brand will not simply disregard the rich history of bass sound and design. Our bold and heavy look gives us the sense of legitimacy that is projected by the very best of equipment and musicians. We hope that you will find your pocket with us now, and we hope to keep you in the pocket in the future.

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