Monday, October 1, 2012

VA Discussion, Oct 1st

Politics, Please.
Is is really possible to be apolitical when designing for sustainability and ethical design, when each side of in the political realm will have a side to take in your efforts?

Is there only one ethical code or solution to keep greed in check, if not, is it ethical to enact and regulate that system when others may not subscribe to that solution?

Are Humanitarian Designers Imperialists?
Is there something to be gained from working specifically within your most direct circle of knowledge and influence?

Would there be a larger network of smaller, more efficient systems?

Would there be trouble making these systems work together as a greater system of solutions?

Human Dignity & Human Rights
Is tailoring too specifically as apposed to broadly going to seclude too many other people?

Would this create a disliking of the tailored crowd by the non-tailored crowd?

Is narrow tailored design similar to helping a butterfly out of it's cocoon?

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