Monday, October 24, 2011


The Luden's package is finally done. I've tailored the experience to the consumer as much as possible, adjusting from the original mode pathos mode of appeal. Originally the package sported a soothing, more old-fashioned style. You could just see the scroll like banner and the warmly illustrated honey and lemon, and begin to feel the implied soothing nature of the drops. I wanted to replace the pathos mode with a logos mode of appeal. I gave the package a more straight forward and logical representation of its two main flavor/ingredients. The iconography of both the honey and the lemon are represented in both the center of the box and in the pattern that wraps around it. Other than the color, the nature of the clean vectors is more neutral than the typical photograph or more detailed illustration. The high contrast colors actually really grab the eye on the shelf causing the package to stand out amongst others. The pattern on the box is more dense on the left side and the flow of the open space leads through the radiating lemon pattern. This guides you from the front to the information on the back. Altogether the new design may grab a newer audience that might overlook the product. Its just super fresh.

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