Monday, October 10, 2011

Package List

1. Does the package design stand out among competitive products on the store shelf? (shelf impact)

2. Is the brand name prominent enough to hold presence?

3. Does the package clearly communicate the identity and the function of the product? (functional attributes)

4. Does the brand image and design style target the right age group and create the right personality? (emotive attribute)

5. Has the hierarchy of communications been addressed for easy shopping? (brand, product visual, descriptor)

6. If there are many similar products, is it easy to differentiate among them?

7. Does the structure of package work well to contain, display, or protect the product?

8. Is the brand name or logo usable in places other than on the package, such as online, print advisements, or signage?

Sticks out on the shelf as far as brightness and style, but needs clarity as to what the product is. If it is in with other cough drops then it will stand out amongst the crowd. All of these will really stand out on the shelf due to the comparisons being made and the pops of color. The brand logo seems to stand out enough. The pattern interacts with the rest of the package which ties it together. It should target a slightly audience than it normally does. Since the product has been around for a long time I would like to target this group.
 The role switch is clever.
 People might not like the bee.
 The bear will hold a nicer connotation than the bee.
Stylistically it may not be fitting but the concept is there. The pairing may need to be reworked.

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