Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tornadoes and Piñata Balls...

So momentarily theThread project has gone on the back burner until next week presumably. This was do to two things: One the Rock on Tuesday put a team of people together, myself including, to go down to Joplin Mo. for some disaster relief.  It was hard manual labour all day and while I didn't get any pictures other than on my phone, the damage was indescribable.  The other thing was that, since Wednesday we've been working on putting together an installation for the summer theme at the Rock.  The theme is "GO & DO" implying growth, outreach, and moving out of your comfort zone. The idea for the installation started out being these paper lanterns decorated with strips of colored paper with smaller spheres branching out from them, representing the sending or reaching out.  When this became less of a possibility I had the idea to create some sort of exploding or moving cluster with the lanterns. Another idea of mine that had to go was to take the same swatches of color and linearly hang them in rows behind the cluster, creating a wall of color that would have more concentrated moments of color around the cluster itself.  This would have given it each color of lantern a radiating sphere of color, and would have probably taken us another day to finish.  We decided to hang long strips of butcher paper behind it as a backing and with it the color of the cluster really pops more and the strips have a nice flow in the occasional breeze that flows through the building.

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