Friday, April 1, 2011

Infographics… (one for every day)

So in my regular researching fashion, the first place I hit is good 'ol Google.  When I pulled up images for infographics, it did not take long for an interesting one to pop into view (which is not normal for a Google search).  The site it lead me to could not have been more perfect.  The Daily Infographic site not only gives a fresh infographic every day but also funny commentary about each one.

I thought this one was entertaining.  The color scheme is perfect for the subject matter.  Its very easy to read for the amount of information displayed.  This is due to the easily followed flow of the composition and the aid of directional and numerical indicators.  The icons used are easy to read in most instances, even though some must rely on surrounding context.  There are several levels of reading from the main points to the sub points.  The middle bar of information gives a nice break to what would otherwise be an overwhelming amount of busy information.

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