Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sushi Exploration

Here are my mock up book layouts.  I've added more images than the ones that I took myself.  This should give it more variety.  The printed version of this needs to be toned down considerably when it comes to color, and I'm still trying to find the magical balance of reds and yellows so that the printer doesn't give me an extra spoonful of each.  I really want sushi now... all the time... even when I'm not hungry.  If only it weren't so expensive and wouldn't fill me with mercury.  In that light I think the title "RAW INDULGENCE, luxury necessity desire" works well.  While sushi is delicious, it is a luxury (in my case at least) to have, and while I  often feel that it is a must have, it is definitely more of a want than a need.  I think that reflects well on sushi culture and what inspires its members to eat copious amounts of raw fish.

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