Friday, December 10, 2010

Past Project...

     In this poster iteration, I clearly need to take a step back and think about what I was doing.  It was at the end of the project and I was feeling pressed for time and I let that dictate some of my design decisions where it shouldn't have.  While I think this iteration has some potential it really had no place in this project.  Where I should have been choosing a line study that is cohesive with the lines and angles of the building.  Instead I decided it was a good idea to take the least noticeable lines to work off of.  The two really just don't go together enough outside of that one instance, and while the perspective is a nice idea, it only succeeds in making a clutter and doesn't tie in the rest of the image appropriately.
In my opinion the only thing that is really somewhat successful is the placement and alignment of "downtown" with the "n" aligned with the side of the building.  It is still a little close to the edge of the composition though.

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