Monday, December 6, 2010

Haiku Flash

     Here is the final Flash animation for the haiku. (I apologize for quicktime's trouble reading the file but you should get the basic idea).  I worked to create this animation with the same mood of longing that the haiku itself has.  Also the motions used should reflect the essence of the object itself and the line of the haiku.  For instance, the marks made for the trees are made out of bamboo, and the motion gives an illusion of going through trees.  The "eyes" were made from twisting a blindfold which can be linked conceptually to obscuring vision, and the motif itself obscures the text with the transition into the third line.

The music I used was an edited sample of a cigar box fiddle  I added reverb and put in some gushing wind sounds behind it.  The song itself speaks that longing feeling to me and feels appropriate for someone who would be looking up at the sky surrounded by trees.  The wind-like sounds are obviously to further make that connection to the sky.

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