Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Final Franco Statement

Wrapping up our Francophile research book, in looking back I learned several things.
1. My appreciation for design research has grown, if for anything just by how it allows for faster development down the line. It really cuts down on production time when you have a greater knowledge of the verbal and visual landscape of the audience/culture you're targeting.
2. Culture probes are super effective, but I'll definitely know how to refine my questions for better results. If done properly they can allow you to multitask, as it relies on the audience doing allot of the leg work for you, and gives you more appropriate terminology.
3. Be careful where you park in Lenexa Kansas. Doing field research is great, and actually bringing in people from your audience and keeping their input in the forefront can keep you grounded. This however might not be worth getting rear ended in a parking lot outside of a coffee shop. Thank you very much ****** **** who can be reached at (***) ***-**** for at least leaving a note.
4. When choosing a book format, it is best to actually look at your info-graphic based content to make sure it is scaleable at smaller sizes. Some things just can't be rearranged no matter how much rearranging you do.
5. Taking more photos during interviews in the future will be a must.
6. No amount of packaging in the world will keep an indesign file from missing links.

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