Sunday, July 31, 2011

I will be soon uploading the video work from this internship and will post a link shortly.  For now, here are some more pictures of physical artifacts for, Run for the Silent.


  1. I'm really digging on those business cards!

  2. Nice conceptual application of "white space". I am curious, what does the fence symbolize?

    Tip: for your portfolio be sure there is no distracting reflection or light on the plastic table stand.

  3. Jamie: I covered the conceptual process in a previous post.

    "This fence is not only something recognizable as an object familiar to marathon runners and bystanders, but it also can represent something blocked or a lack of freedom as in a prison or a cage. That's something that I thought would be a strong image when put in the context of child sex trafficking. It also serves as an obstacle to be overcome."

    I will try to find/make better shooting conditions for the plastic stands. Thank you for the tips.