Thursday, March 10, 2011

Icons Icons Icons.

Relation to culture-
My icons have a link to my culture in respect to the semi-woodblock print aesthetic.  This looks to the traditional Japanese culture.  At the same time they have a clean and friendly form and color gives it a more modern look.  This could represent the modern sushi restaurant culture which is more adaptive and westernized.

The icons all follow a strict rule set that keeps them cohesive in form and hopefully function in the future contextual instances.

The legibility of my icons is as good as is possible with my extremely strict rule set.  A great deal of their legibility will be reliant on how I utilize them in proper context.  This goes especially for the sushi icon (the bane of my existence).  Otherwise termed the space amphitheater,  this icon may need special attention in the future.

The process of designing these icons really began with the form exploration utilizing blunt mark making tools.  The geometric style of icon gave me a particularly unique form and later yielded a decent set of icons.  The rule set includes at least one rectangle, pill shape, and curved tear drop shape.  This rule had to be broke slightly later as it slowly broke me.  Even with the slightly less strict measures it allowed for a cohesive set.  Later when experimenting with the colorization and expanding around the boarders I found the second variation on the final icon set which is more stable and might be applied to differing situations more effectively.

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