Thursday, November 4, 2010

Leo Lionni.

Leo Lionni is a man who is making a plea for visual consciousness at all times, and to have meaning for the choices we make both formally and conceptually.  At the same time it may be the greatest form of inspiration and preliminary process to just let the sketches be sketches and not let the hand be as affected by the concept.  This can allow for more pure image making and a broader palette from which we can draw and redistribute according to concept later.  I'm still debating with myself just how much you can allow for pure unadulterated image making to go before it can be counterproductive to final deliverable requirements.  Pure image making however can be very relaxing (then it comes back to bite you in the rear because it is too distant from a workable concept).

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  1. Tip: Every choice you make impacts how others will perceive your communications (whether that be visual, verbal or physical). It doesn't help to start of a post, project presentation, or critique with a complaint.